Thursday, May 29, 2008

Installing Bar Ends

After my long Thun Trail ride last Saturday I still noticed that I was putting a lot of weight on my hands. I also thought the ride would be more comfortable if I could have more hand positions. So I ordered some bar ends from Nashbar and they arrived yesterday.

I ordered the NS-MBE-K Black Bar Ends for $8.49 . I also bought a short sleeved cycling shirt at $16.49 and cycling shorts at $21.24. Total was $57.74 with $7.75 shipping plus $3.27 tax.

The Bar Ends are easy to install, First I loosed the brake and shifter and slide them down the handle bar. Then using a screw driver to open up the grip, i sprayed some Endust Polish in the grip to loosen it.

I then removed the end cap and did the same with the Endust and screw driver on that end of the grip. The grip is open ended and did not need to be cut.

I then installed the bar end on the end of the handlebar at a 45 degree angle. Then I slid the grip back to the bar end. Repositioned the brake and the shifter against the grip.

I then performed the same procedure on the other end of the handlebar.

Below are pictures of the finished product.

I also took the opportunity to top off the tires to 40 psi, lube the chain and adjust the disc brakes.

I can't wait for my next ride to check out the bar ends!!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you did a great job ... except that your bar ends are on backwards

Mike said...

How embarrassing!

You are right. I did have the bar ends backwards. The horns although pointing in, were also pointing away from my body.

I swapped them around. They look better also-- the tightening bolt is on the backside and the nashbar logo is oriented correctly.

Thanks for the comment!