Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Ride

Today I rode 15.6 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. The weather was great--- sunny and mid 80's in the morning.I didn't drive my car to the park. Instead I rode the Fantom 29 the whole way. It is only 2.5 miles from my house to a point on Chalfont Road where I enter the park on the blue trail heading to the quarry.

There were several mountain bikers and I saw 10 people on horse back.

I was exploring trails that I have not ridden before when I picked up a stick in my chain and may have slightly bent my rear derailleur. When I am in the lowest gear the chain skips teeth when I pedal under load. I continued the ride but it is annoying. I will have to deal with the derailleur later.

I continued around the quarry then rode the old railroad bed to Lydell Road. I then road the rail road bed back into the park then up the blue trail. On the downhill part of the trail I took a side trail that then takes you back to Lydell Road. I took Lydell Road to the park entrance and took the gravel road to the dam.

I then did the downhill past the dam and took the gravel road back up to the top of the dam. Two bikers were walking their bikes up the gravel road. One of them had broken off his rear derailleur! I guess I shouldn't feel bad with a bent derailleur. Using my Crank Brothers tool I help him remove a section of the chain to try to get the bike in a single speed setup. It worked if he took it slow.

I then took the blue trail back up to Chalfont Road and then 2.5 road miles home. It was an excellent workout.

The Fantom 29 performed before the bent rear derailleur. It still rode well afterwards except for the lowest gear. I hope I can bend it back or do some adjustment rather than replacing it so I will see when I can get to it.

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