Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall is Here

Today I rode 9.8 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. The Fantom 29 performed flawlessly. The weather was nice and sunny with temperatures in the low 40's. The Fall colors are not at its peak in Southeastern PA but they are getting close.

When I took the trail to the quarry, I noticed the trail was blocked. I don't think anyone intentionally placed the trees there, I think they just fell. I carried the Fantom 29 over the debris. Further on up the trail a mountain biker came from the other direction. First biker I have seen in a while during my Sunday morning rides.
I know I must have passed it many times, but today I noticed a massive rock wall on the side of the old railroad track trail. I am guessing that it was a loading dock for the quarry.

It looks like there will be a race next Sunday. The 4th Annual Mountain Bike Fall Classic I guess I will avoid Marsh Creek next Sunday.

I saw this sign on the old railroad trail near Lydell Road.

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