Sunday, February 15, 2009

400 Miles on the Motobecane Fantom 29

Today I rode 9.5 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. The Fantom 29 performed flawlessly and has passed the 400 mile mark.

There was a light snow last night and everything was covered. It was a beautiful sight.

I took my usual route up to the quarry, then south along the struble trail, north along the Struble Trail then up the blue trail back to Chalfont Road.

This little guy continues to hang out on the trail to the Quarry.

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Mike said...

Mike, my wife and daughter went hiking with me to MC that day and I thought I saw a bike with a fender on it. We hiked where you rode and saw bike tire tracks... in some areas one set, others two... musta been some of your tracks. We got some pretty good pix too. Thanks for sharing.

The Other Mike