Friday, May 22, 2009

15 Month Review- 472.7 Miles

I had the morning off so I took a ride to Marsh Creek State Park. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 70s. I rode 11.7 miles.
This is also my 15 month review. I don't have much to report because the Fantom 29 has performed flawlessly. I have had absolutely no problems since my last review.

Enjoy the pics of Marsh Creek.


frank said...

mike, I would like to post a blurb of your stories and provide a link on the site I just posted on memorial day. Check it out at

Love your blog,


Mike said...

I am glad you like my blog. Please feel free to post it to your site. I am happy to contribute!

Chip said...

Thanks for providing the long term review of the bike. You made the case for me. Plan on going to the LBS tomorrow and ride a C-dale 4, 29er to see what it feels like, then if happy will get this same bike. Seems like a pretty good deal. Diggin' the blog dude!!


Mike said...

Mike - good to see an update. A couple of my friends have Motos and I helped assemble them. I can say I agree with your assessment - solid bike, solid value. BTW, had my buddy not been coming down that evening, I would've probably seen you at Marsh Creek that Friday. We ended up riding Blue Marsh the next day - you should tag along with us next time - very relaxed pace, just out for fun.

Take care, Mike (the other Mike)

frank said...

thanks Mike. I will post. My site is a little different than most. Part of it is like a preview for other blogs. Check out where you rank. Bloggers I subscribe to start out with rss, but anyone is welcome to post. My little app also counts calories and does a few other things. Oh, I also link to the blogs.