Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Other Motobecane Blogs

Based on some comments I received I found a couple of other bogs out there about Motobecane bikes.

Henry Abromson just started My New Motobecane Fantom Pro 29er; Review and All . The Fantom Pro is new and being converted into a 1X9.

Scott just created Motobecane Fantom Pro SL 29 Review . This will actually be about 2 Pro SL's as Scott also bought one for his wife.

I will also add them to my Favorite Link list.

Does anyone know of any more??


BigWheels said...

Ive got a motobecane 29er Pro SL and have a blog where I talk about the bike some.. The site is not dedicated to the bike, but I do a review when I first got it, and I go over other gear and rides in the central florida area.


FraSiec said...

I blog about my Outcast 29 along with my old Schwinn Moab.