Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road ID--- Be Prepared

I think it is a great idea to wear a Road ID. I always wear mine when I am biking. Mine has my name, contact phone numbers and my blood type. I think it could save your life.

On June 27 I was driving my car on RT 322 when I was approaching a yellow light at Culbertson Run Road. I stopped, momentarily looked down. When I looked up I saw a guy on a motorcycle flipping in front of me. Apparently he hit a mini-van.
I put my car in park and ran to assist the man. He was sprawled out on the road an unconscious. I called 911. Another man stopped and was fortunately an EMT. The police, fire company and ambulance responded very quickly. Within probably 20 minutes a helicopter landed and took the man to the hospital. I think he will probably be OK. It was difficult to get information from him when he came to.
So I think a Road ID would have helped.

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