Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fantom 29 Back in Service!

Today I rode 8.0 miles at Springton Manor Farm. My derailleur fix was successful. The shifting was smooth and there were no noises.

It was a pretty good workout and the weather was great-- sunny and in the 60's in the morning.


DR said...


I am ordering a Fantom 29er this week. I am struggling with the right size to order. I am 5'10" and currently riding an old road bike from college with a 31" standover height with no problems. I tested a Rockhopper 29er 17 last week, and it fit perfect, but I can't find the geo for the Rockhopper on the net. The specs on the Fantom says I need a 15" How tall are you, and what size are you riding?

Mike said...


I am 6'0 with a 33.75" standover. See my Feb 29, 2008 post for how I selected the size. I am riding a 17 inch frame.

The 17 inch gives me 2 inches of clearance. I did have to add a longer seatpost and an adjustable stem to get a good fit.

The 15 inch has a standover of 30.5 inches so it would give you an extra 1/2 inch over your road bike. A mountain bike should have 2 to 4 inch of clearance depending on how aggressive you are riding.

BamaRlz said...

I have similar measurements to you and am still using the stock seatpost on my 17" fantom pro. I have @ 3" of seatpost remaining in the frame. Is this adequate? Would you recommend a longer seatpost?

Mike said...


My original seatpost was 300 mm ( about 12 inches). I just measured the minimum insertion mark which is 3 3/4 inches.

You should check your seatpost. If your setting is below the minimum mark on the post, I would not recommend that set up. Safety First!

I bought the 400 mm Nashbar seatpost at $23 to get the length I needed.