Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another French Creek State Park Ride

Today I rode 8.6 miles at French Creek State Park. Again the Fantom 29 performed flawlessly. The big wheels do well rolling over the many rocks , roots and small branches that are all over the trails at French Creek.

I parked my car at the lot by Hopewell Lake and decided to do some ice biking. It was above 32 degrees F yesterday and today, so I was unsure about the condition of the ice. There were a lot of people icing fishing so I figured it was OK.

When I got on the lake I noticed that there was little snow on the surface and you could see the ice. As soon as I turned my wheel slightly the bike slide to my left and I went down on my right shoulder. I must have slide 50 feet. I was OK and so was the Fantom 29.

So what I discovered was that on Monday I was actually snow biking not ice biking. I definitely needed studded tires. So I immediately walked the bike off the ice and headed for terra firma.

I took Park Road and headed up the Lenape Trail which is marked Green. There were plenty of ice fisherman on Scotts Run Lake.

I then took the Lenape Trail across Scott's Run Road toward the campground. Even though it was about 34 degrees F there were several tents and campers there.

I then rode the Lenape Trail across the campground road then across Rt 345 until I got to Mill Creek Trail.

Mill Creek Trail is marked White with a Red Stripe in the middle. Most of it is a wide fire road.

I saw several hunters on the trail.

The Trail borders the Hopewell Furnace Wildlife Preserve, so there is no hunting to the south. There deer also know this.

After I reached Miller's Point I turned around and rode Mill Creek Trail back. When I got to the campground road, I took the park roads back to my car since I needed to get back home.

I then loaded up the Fantom 29 on the bike rack and headed home (after a stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee of course).

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