Sunday, October 18, 2009

Motobecane Fantom 29 vs. Motobecane Fantom 29 Pro SL

I was asked to see how the Fantom 29 would compare to the Fantom Pro SL. So here it is....

Of course the Pro SL is nicer with higher end components but is it a better value?

The major differences between the two bikes are the fork, brakes, crankset and shifters.

The 29 has Avid BB-5 Brakes vs the Pro with Avid Juicy 7 Hydraulic Brakes. The Juicy Brakes are about $180 more.

The 29 has RockShox Dart 3 Fork at $125 vs RockShox 29er Reba SL WITH Mission Control damping and PopLoc Adjust, 100mm travel, Adjustable Rebound at $500 for the Pro SL.

The Fantom 29 has TruVativ 5D 22/32/44T Crankset at $70 vs TruVativ FireX 22/32/44T at $140 for the Pro SL.

The Fantom 29 has Shimano Deore Mega-9 shifters vs the Shimano XT on the Pro SL for about $100 more.

I also received some comments from i2ambler with additional value:

The rear derailleur on the Fantom Pro SL is an XTR not an XT. This is a difference of about $100. The Fantom 29 uses FX28 rims, where the Fantom29 Pro SL uses Trail29 LaserDisc. The FX28 rims are $30 each (60 for the pair) where the Laserdiscs are $50 each - $100 for the pair.

The 29 has a SpeedV seat at $30 where the Pro SL has the Rocket v at $50. The Tires are Kenda Smallblock 8 instead of Motoraptor tires a difference of about $60.

Conclusion:The Pro has $945 more in parts. It costs $995.95 on bikesdirect. Its Relative Value Factor is 1.55 and therefore is the best value of the bikes I evaluated so far. I did not want to spend a lot of money. So I am still satisfied with my Fantom 29 purchase.

As an on going recap here is a list of the bikes I reviewed. They are ranked by a Relative Value Factor (RVF) . The RVF is the price of the Fantom 29 + or - the value of the major parts difference (Delta) divided by the price of the bike.

Bike Price Delta RVF
Motobecane Fantom Pro SL: 996, 945, 1.55
Motobecane Fantom Pro: 796, 455, 1.32
Motobecane Fantom 29: 596, 0, 1.0
Windsor Cliff 29 Comp: 549, -73, 0.951
IBEX Section 29: 1034, 378, 0.942
Raleigh XXIX+G: 1100, 368, 0.876
Diamondback Overdrive : 600, -122, 0.790
Marin Alpine Trail 29er 667, -122, 0.711
Specialized Rockhopper Disc 29er: 760 ,-144 ,0.595
Cannondale 29er 4 Caffeine: 1059, -125, 0.445


FraSiec said...


Is your Fantom's frame composed of 6061 aluminum like my outcast? It doesn't really say in the ads for the Fantom, but is specifically says so for the Outcast.



i2ambler said...

I think you missed the rear derailleur on the fantom pro SL is also an XTR not an XT.. this is a difference of about 100 bucks also.

There are also the differences in the cockpit - richey everything instead of generic stuff.

Last but not least - the rims. The fantom 29 uses FX28 rims, where the Fantom29 pro sl uses Trail29 laserDisc. From what i found - the FX28 rims are 30 bucks each (60 for the pair) where the laserdiscs are 50 bucks each - 100 for the pair.

To be honest, I am amazed BD even nets a profit from this bike. The difference in component price between the 29 and the pro SL is reaching upwards of 900 bucks.

i2ambler said...

P.S: lets not forget the seat.. the 29 has a speedV at 30 bucks where the proSL has the rocket v at 50 bucks.. The Tires are kenda smallblock 8 instead of motoraptor tires as well.. the smallblock tires are twice the price of the motoraptors. Depending on which motoraptors they are - they run with a steel bead at 20 bucks each, where the kendas are almost 50 bucks each..

Mike said...


There is no label on the Fantom 29 frame indicating that it is 6061 Aluminum. So I am not sure.


Mike said...

You bring up some good points. I was just evaluating the major components. I will update the evaluation.


KSdiver said...

Great Blog Mike - thanks for all the information. It made my bike buying decision alot easier. I just purchased a 17" Matte Black Fantom 29 over the weekend - hope it arrives before Saturday, so I can put it together and give it a try. I am in Montgomery County and ride the Perkiomen Trail often.

FraSiec said...

thanks Mike. Yeah, you would assume that the frame is a higher grade material since the cheaper Outcast is made of it, but you never know. They should advertise if so. 6061 is One of the reasons I bought the Outcast. (My Schwinn Mesa was 7005 while my Schwinn Moab is 6061. It is just lighter. )

i2ambler said...

I just pulled the trigger on a pro SL.. Ill letcha know how it turns out!

Kenneth said...

Thanks all for your helpful comments and observations. I plan on buying the SL next week. told me that indeed a 2010 version will be out in the Spring, but no changes were planned.

Scott said...

I just put my order in for a Fantom Pro Sl 15" and a 21". One for me and one for my wife. I have a blog about it too, so I'll be able to answer specific questions when I get them, next week.

Brett said...

Thanks for your comparison. I used your data when deciding on my purchase of the Fantom 29pro sl. I had been riding a Marin Alpine Trail 29er and was going through a new derailleur every 3-6 months due to a design issue. I've rode about 30 miles so far on the Fantom and love it!