Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marsh Creek Ride

Today I rode 9.4 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. My miles are way down this year on the Fantom 29 as it seems it has been raining a lot around here. I usually ride the Fantom 29 on Sunday mornings and there has been a lot of rain then.

Today, however, was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the low 40s and hit 66 this afternoon. Nice and sunny too.

There were only a few wet spots like this on the trails. This is on the old railroad tracks.

Most of the trails were dry like this.

The Fantom 29 taking a rest by Brandywine Creek.

Some nice bright red berries. Hard to see with my cheap camera.

Some good hills on the Green trail.
I also saw another mountain biker on this trail. He was cutting a fallen tree. It was about 8 inches in diameter so it was quite a cut with a hand saw.

I also saw a trail runner and his dog.

The hedgerow applies are back!


FraSiec said...

thanks for posting.

Weird how we all look forward to reading and seeing each others tiny adventures.

Like the photos too. Have to try your trail one day.

Dakota2K1 said...

Where do you park and pick up the bike trail when you go to Marsh Creek?

Mike said...

Fortunately I live close by so I ride my bike from home and pick up the trails on Chalfont Road. If you are driving you can go further down Chalfont Road and there is a parking lot. From the parking lot you will see at least three trails. You can download a map at


Mike said...

Good to see you're still posting. I was with a group of guys at MC the same day you were there - including a buddy of mine on a Moto - but somehow I missed you. Ride on!