Monday, November 23, 2009

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure

Each year since 2000, I have participated in a mission trip to build houses. I started with Habitat for Humanity but I have been involved in building houses with The Fuller Center for Housing the past two years. In 2008 I went to El Salvador and in 2009 to Lanett, Alabama. Milliard Fuller founded Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller center for Housing.

The Fuller Center has conducted a fundraising bike event the last two years and it is always something I wanted to do. I just saw some information about the 2010 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.

So how does the Fantom 29 fit into a 2500 mile bike adventure? Well, I was thinking about participating for a few days because I would never be able to take off from work for the full 50 day bike ride. If you look at segment 2 on the itinerary, the ride will be using the C&O Canal Bike Trail. This may be a perfect opportunity to put some long distance miles on the Fantom 29.

Stay tuned!


mellowvelo said...

Hey there! My name is Katherine and I work for The Fuller Center for Housing. I also am an avid cyclist (cross and road) and participated in the first Bicycle Adventure in 2008. (I was also in Lanett a few months ago. Maybe we ran into each other!)

I highly encourage your desire to do part of the ride. It's the most fun thing I've ever done. But I also wanted to thank you for your regular volunteer service all these many years. Whether it's with us or Habitat or whoever, you're really helping to make a difference.

If you have any questions about the bike trip, don't hesitate to contact us directly. Ryan is the trip leader ( but I am helping with the logistics ( and would be glad to answer questions.

Thanks for writing about the trip!

BigWheels said...

Off topic- but how did you get your blog to be searchable through google? Ive had a blog on blogger for several weeks, I have it configured to be searchable through the blogger config, yet I cant find anything on google when I do searches. I setup google webmaster tools, and the stats say it has been crawled. But i still cant find anything when i search through google! If you can help, I appreciate it!

SS:Mtn Biker said...

That'll be a cool ride (in more than one way). Looking forward to reading about it,and seeing pictures :)


Mike said...


I really did not do anything special to get my blog searchable. I think you need to give it some time. I don't believe my blog was easy to find in the beginning.