Monday, March 8, 2010

New Camera

I had been using a cheap Vivitar camera that I got at Walmart for $20 for my ride pictures. I liked it because it was small (I can have it in my back shirt pocket) and cheap (in case I crash and break it). Well the camera broke on its own. It would not always turn on.

I still wanted something cheap but not as cheap as the Walmart camera. The Walmart camera was internal memory only (no card) and when you removed the batteries the pictures were lost.

I bought a Kodak C180 at Staples for $49 (On sale $69.50 - $20.50 Rewards Rebate). It is small and light. I can put a card in it or use the 16 MB internal memory. Although it is a 10.1 megapixel camera, I have it set for 1.2 megapixel since that is all you really need for the web. This gives me 34 pictures in the internal memory. With a card, I can take some videos.
You should see some better pics ahead!

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