Sunday, March 14, 2010

609.4 Miles: 50 Ride Preventative Maintenance

If you look at my preventative maintenance plan that I posted on September 03, 2008 it is pretty conservative. So I have been adjusting it based on my experience. The Fantom 29 with my riding style requires very little preventative maintenance.

The following is the recommended maintenance for up to 50 rides. I will do the following maintenance:

Every 5 Rides: Inspect wheel true, degrease drive train, clean & wash bike

Yes- all good ideas. I checked the wheels and they are still true. I degreased the drive train.

Every 10 Rides: Inspect nuts & bolts, Inspect & tighten cranks, lube cables- brake & gears

Yes- all good ideas

Every 25 Rides: Inspect chain stretch, Inspect wear of chainrings, replace grips

Yes to inspecting chain stretch and chainrings. I am going to have to replace the chain as my chain is just at 1% stretch. This is surprising to me since I only have 609.4 miles. The chainrings are fine.

No to replacing grips because they look fine.

Every 50 Rides: Grease nuts & bolts, Replace cables & housing, Replace chain. Replace tires

I checked the brakes. Including the backing there is 4mm front and 4.5 to 5 mm rear. Avid recommends replacement at 3 mm so I should have at least another year.

Yes to greasing nuts & bolts. I also lubed the fork seal.

No to replacing cables & housing. They look fine. I did this on my road bike at 2580 miles.

No to replacing tires. They look fine also. I had over 4000 miles on my road bike on the same tires and probably could have put on more. I replaced them on March 5, 2010


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