Saturday, November 13, 2010

770 Miles: Rear Flat Tire

On Tuesday November 09 I did my normal weight lifting in my basement. I noticed that my rear tire was flat. It was OK when I rode the bike on Sunday.

This is my second rear tire flat. I last had one at 285 miles . So I rode 485 miles on this tube.

So I removed the tube and did my investigation as to the cause of the flat.

I put some air in the tube and then placed it in a bucket of water. The leak was readily identifyable with several bubbles per second of air leakage.

The leak is located at a seam which is a weak spot. I have had other tubes fail at the seams.
The tube was a CST made in china 93127111.

I am replacing the tube with a Slime Smart Tube that I had purchased previously at PricePoint. These should hold up a lot better. I now have the smart tubes on both the front and rear tires.

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FraSiec said...

ya, if you have tube tires you got to have slime tubes out here.