Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I can't believe that this was my first ride of 2011 on the Fantom 29. I did enjoy the ride and missed it. Too much snow and rain this year. In the winter I walk 2 miles in the morning because it is too dark and I ride my road bike on the weekends when the weather was OK. I am starting to ride during the week now since it is light enough at 6 am.


Phil said...

I am looking at buying one of these bikes and am wondering about size. I am a little taller than you at 6'1'' with a 35" inseam. You say that your 17" frame has a 31.7" standover height, however on the Motobecane website the standover height listed for the 17'' is 30.9'' (785mm). I am trying to decide if I need a 19" or 21". The standover listed for the 19" is 31.7" (807mm). Have they changed the sizing since you purchased your bike??

Mike said...


Yes it looks like the sizes did change. I saved the geometry chart for the Fantom 29 I purchased. 31.7 inches is for the 17" frame and 32.8 inches is for the 19" frame.

I also noticed that the Fantom 29 is now called the Fantom 29 Trail. So given the new specs I would have bought the 19" frame. This would also give me an extra 0.4" top tube length which I would like.


AhmAd Ragab said...


I just got myself a 2010 motobecane fantom 29 (not the trail). It was going for 395 which I thought was quite sweet for the components on it.

I should receive it later today and will share my review with you soon.

One question though, what kind of tools did you need to put this bike together? Anything more than hex keys and screw drivers?

Mike said...


Yes simple tools are all you need. Let us know how you like the Fantom29.


Kevin said...

Hey Mike,

My Motobecane Fantom 29er X5 is on its way. I can't wait!

Looking at your adjustable stem, and the entry about needing a longer seatpost, I can't help but to think a 19" frame might have been a better fit for you.

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