Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cornog Quarry

Today I rode 11.1 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. The Fantom 29 performed flawlessly. I took my usual route and took the trail toward Cornog Quarry. I had never actually seen the quarry so I decided to slip through the hole in the fence and take a peek.

But I can see why it is blocked off. The sides of the quarry are very steep and I am sure the water is very deep. There was a plan by Aqua America (the current owner) to use it to supply a water system but that was killed a number of years ago.

Hey, does anyone know what kind of tree has a huge pod like this?
They are all over the Blue Trail.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what kind of tree?? Must be from TX. Ha Ha !!! Nothing that big in MS.

Just got my Fantom 29er and lovin it!!!! I just ordered a swagman upright, so I can take it to AR when I go out of town on business. I need fenders and bike shorts. Any suggestions?



Mike said...

I get my bike clothing at or I wear the 8 panel lycra shorts that are $25 to $35 with the padding then have a walmart polyester baggy lightweight shorts over them.

Nasbar or Peformance would also have fenders. I just have a rear fender that attaches to the seat post.


Bradley said...

I believe it's a Hedge Apple. That's what we call them in Ky. There are other names. I'm including an exerpt from something I found on the internet by googling hedge apple.

The hedge tree has several names, Osage Orange (most popular) and Bodark (French) and Maclura pomifera (scientific name). Naturalist, Jim Mason has posted a very professional page about Osage Orange.

D. Parker said...

The scientific name is Maclura pomifera. We call them Horse apples in Texas. I know this is a really old post but I just found your blog and I was very excited. I think I am going to buy the Fantom 29 and it is good to get all of this info. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is an osage orange. Back in my early 20's(circa 1981). Cornog was a great place to hang out and swimm on hot weekends.Some days there would be 200-300 people partying, swimming, and generally having a good time. The only trick was that you needed a pickup to get out to it, or you had to walk a long way over a very rocky trail. All the fun ended when the F.B.I. came out and started looking for Susan Reinert's kids. Supposedly , her kids were locked in the trunk of a cadillac and pushed off of a cliff into the quarry. This was all tied into the Lower Merion High School murder case. Her kids, sadly were never found.