Sunday, October 5, 2008

Springton Surprises

I had a couple of surprises at Springton Manor Farm. I rode 6.8 miles--- well actually I rode about 4.8 miles and pushed the Fantom 29 about 2 miles but that is one of the surprises.

First, I rode up to Springton and was having a good ride and also enjoying the farm Halloween decorations. When I got into the woods on the Bartol Trail I heard this loud noise. It was a periodic very loud roaring sound. It was so loud that I could hear dogs for miles around barking between the roars.

As it turns out it was a Hot Air Balloon on take off.

As I was admiring the Hot Air Balloon, I noticed my second surprise --- a rear tire that was going flat fast.
I do have all the equipment needed to fix the flat, but I decided to walk home instead so I could take my time and find out what the cause was. I will report on the repair in my next post.

As I was walking home I met Ralph who was picking up trash along Fairview Road. We got to talking. Ralph is retired army, grew up in the area and moved back. He frequently picks up trash along the road to give back to the community. His family is one of the "original" families that farmed the area before it has become more suburban. He had some interesting local stories. That's one of the good things about bike riding, it gets you out and interacting with the world rather than just passing through it.

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