Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Preventative Maintenance Plan

I found a maintenance schedule that looks pretty good. I will use it as guidance. Some of the items seem a bit too frequent (like replace your grips every 25 rides). The schedule is as follows

Off-road riding - average riding 5-10 miles

Each Ride: Inspect tire pressure, lube & clean chain
Every 5 Rides: Inspect wheel true, degrease drivetrain, clean & wash bike
Every 10 Rides: Inspect nuts & bolts, Inspect & tighten cranks, lube cables- brake & gears
Every 25 Rides: Inspect chain stretch, Inspect wear of chainrings, replace grips
Every 50 Rides: Grease nuts & bolts, Replace cables & housing, Replace chain. Replace tires
Every 100 Rides: Replace cassette, Replace chainrings, Grease bearings, Replace bottom bracket

So I am getting close to 25 rides. At that time I will perform the following maintenance: true the wheels, degrease the drive chain, inspect nuts & bolts, tighten cranks, lube cables, inspect chain stretch, and inspect wear of chain rings.

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