Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marsh Creek Ride

Today I rode 10.2 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. I was able to get the ride in the morning before any rain. The Fantom 29 performed flawlessly.

I started with the Blue Trail and headed toward Cornog Quarry. Instead of going through the woods of the Blue Trail I went through the field.

The Ludwig's Corner Riding Club was having an equestrian scavenger hunt. I did see a lot of horse trailers but I only ran into a couple of horse back riders on the trails. I guess the park is big enough to accomodate a lot of activity. I also saw some of the scavenger items tied to trees as I rode.

Anyway, I took the quarry trail and this time found the quarry. It has a fence around it and you can't really see the quarry. There is a trail around the fence so I made a right and took it downhill. The trail is really narrow but it gives you a good ride. At the end of that trail I noticed it came out to Marshal Road near Route 282.

I then took the trail left and it puts you on the rail road bed that will become part of Struble Trail some day. I took the rail road bed as far as I could go before coming to a huge mud puddle near the edge of the park. So I doubled back and took the Blue Trail to the boat launching area. I then took my normal route to the dam and the downhill beyond the dam then back to the Blue trail to the Chalfont Road parking lot.

Awesome Ride!!!

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