Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nashbar Fly Bag Large

No mountain bike ride this weekend. I have been busy renovating a bathroom. I did manage to get an 11 mile ride on my road bike on Saturday morning. I was able to pack up my seat bag.

On April 03 I received my Large Fly Bag from Nasbar. This is the bag I received in exchange for the small bag.

I have in the bag a spare tube, a CO2 inflator and cartridge, tire levers, a mutitool, a presta adapter (to fill the presta tire with a schrader fitted air supply) and a presta sleeve (because the rim is drilled for a schrader valve tube and I only could get presta valve tubes).

It all fits nicely!

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Nelson said...

Thanks for blog on the Nashbar Fly bag in large! Like you I wanted a bag large enough to carry some items, but small enough to not look unsightly! Wasn't sure how this bag would look in terms of size, but thanks to your pics I know.