Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sette Torx ST-14 Tool Kit Initial Review

On April 1 I received my order from I ordered 2 spare tubes, tire levers and the ST-14 Tool Kit. (They also threw in some stickers.)

This is my initial review of the tool kit. I have not used the tools yet so I will let you know more as I use the tools in later posts. The kit is only $30 and seems like a good value. I currently do not have dedicated bike tools so this is a big step up for me. I will give you my impression on each tool.

First the case. It would seem handy but I think it is going to be a hassle placing the tools back in their position. Also the case is difficult to close. I think what I will do is put the tools in a tool bucket pouch. I can then add tools and have a complete bike repair kit. I will work on that later.

Chain Tool
Very useful tool and looks like good quality. It is used to remove or place a chain link pin.

Chain Whip/Pedal Wrench

The chain whip was one of the tools I was interested in getting and looks like good quality. It is used to grab the cassette when you need to remove the lock ring to remove the cassette. Although I don't plan on changing the cassette, you need to remove the cassette to replace any broken spokes on that side of the wheel. Broken rear spokes are a common repair. I usually like combination tools but a pedal wrench on a chain whip might be a little difficult to handle with the greasy chain attached, but I will see how it performs.

Lock Ring Socket with Stabilizing Post

This is used to remove the lock ring on the cassette. This appears to be very useful and of good quality

Spoke Wrench

This is a useful tool and appears to be of good quality. It is marked 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 .

8mm Long Hex Wrench with Socket Adapter

This is a useful tool and appears to be good quality. It can be used as a socket wrench for the lock ring socket and bottom bracket tool. The Sette Torx ST-812L 8mm hex wrench is designed with an 8 inch long handle to provide the leverage needed to maintain the high torque needed to mount modern cranksets. The Torx ST-812L also has a durable non-slip handle to give you the best grip when applying high amounts of torque.

Hub Cone Spanner Wrench
These are useful tools. They are 13, 14, 15, 16 mm wrenches mainly used for hubs.

Bottom Bracket Tool

This is a useful tool and appears to be good quality.

Crank Remover

The Sette Torx ST-215CB Crank Puller is the compact way to remove your crank. It has two rotating tips (11.3mm and 16.3mm), so it can be used to remove splined Shimano Octalink, ISIS drive crank arms and older style square-holed crank arms. The Torx ST-215CB has a floating, hardened tip that insures trouble-free use and long life.

Multi tool and 8 & 10 mm open end wrench

The open end wrench seems small but is easy to replace. The multi tool seems good.

Tire Levers

This are useful and good quality.

Combination Phillips & Flat Screwdriver

Cheap. I will probably replace it with regular screw drivers.

Patch Kit

Cheap. I usually replace tubes when flat anyway.

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Jason said...

Just wanted to throw out some love about that tool kit you bought. I got the Nashbar version (identical) for Christmas 02. I have wrenched on all my riding buddy's bikes as well as my stable fro the last 5+ years. It was the best present my in-laws ever gave me. I've rebuilt road bikes, cruisers and mtb's. Enjoy!