Friday, June 13, 2008

28.4 Mile Thun Trail Run Part 1

I had a day off of work today so I gave the Fantom 29 (and myself) a good workout by riding 28.4 miles on the Thun Trail. This is my longest ride so far on the Fantom 29. The bike performed flawlessly-- smooth shifting, great breaks and comfortable. The bar ends really came in handy on the long ride.

I will break my report into 2 posts. Part 1 is 13 mile round trip from Birdsboro to The County Line back to Birdsboro. I did not ride all the way to Pottstown because the trail is paved.

It looks like they were doing some trail work. There was fresh crushed cinders, pretty thick and about 8 feet wide on a good portion of the trail. On some parts it was more dusty and soft so there was a lot of rolling resistance.
There were a lot of hoof prints in the new trail that really put some good sized divots in the trail.

This is a view of the Schuykill River looking east. I was standing on the old railroad bridge that is part of the trail about 4 miles east of Birdsboro.

Watch out for the target range!. I do think it is really a problem as there is a pretty steep hill on either side of the trail at this point. I did not hear any shots.

This is the Berks-Montgomery County line. The Fantom 29 is posing in 2 counties.
After this point the trail is paved, so I turned back west.

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