Sunday, June 22, 2008

Return to Springton Manor

I am changing up my riding routine for the summer. The weather is so nice that I will be going on longer road bike rides on Saturday mornings. I will probably just be doing quick rides on the Fantom 29 to Springton Manor Farms on Sundays before Church.

Today I rode 8.0 miles to Springton Manor Farms. I haven't ridden there since March 29. Things have changed. The trail that I would pickup at Burgess Park on RT 282 was overgrown with sticker bushes for about half the length, so I avoided it on the return trip.

When I got to the park I took my usual ride but was prevented from getting on the Bartol Trail at the south end of the park by a felled tree. I was able to find another access point. They were able to remove that huge downed tree that I was playing around on in my March 15 post. I emailed the park superintendent to see if they can remove this tree.

At the Farm you can see a lot of farm animals and other wildlife. I saw a couple of goats standing on some big boulders. There are also horses, sheep and chickens. I also saw a family of gophers on the trail.

I have been starting to work on my climbing legs more on my road bike riding. There is a hill on Pumpkin Hill Road that I call the Glenmoore Wall after the famous Manayunk Wall.The "Manayunk Wall" is an inclined street, comprising all of Levering Street and a few blocks of Lyceum Avenue, that is a part of the Philadelphia International Championship, an annual one day bicycle race. The Manayunk Wall has a rise of 220 ft and a grade that varies between 6.5 and 17%. The Glenmoore Wall has a rise of 262 ft over about 0.5 miles which give a grade of 9.0%. It varies from 4.1 to 17.1%. I figure this all out on an elevation profiler tool.

There is also a similar climb at Springton Manor with a 223 ft rise for a grade of 9%, varying from 6.5 to 11.8%. This one is tougher because it is on grass with the fat MotoRaptor tires.


Tom Montville said...

Greetings from somewhere in the middle of America. I'm glad to see someone speaking up about Motobecanes. Riders of Cannondales and Treks can be snotty about them, but why pay double just for snob appeal?

My bike and I are doing fine on the Cross Country Challenge. Thanks for linking to your page.

Mike said...

I have been following your ride with great interest. I have always wanted to ride across country, but it will probably have to wait until I retire.

What have your riding partners said about your Motobecane?