Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pedal to Preserve

I did not ride the Fantom 29 this weekend.

On Saturday I rode the Pedal to Preserve which is a nice ride that the Lancaster Farmland Trust puts on every year. The Trust works in partnership with landowners to preserve their farms and way of life for future generations by placing a conservation easement on their property. This is the second year that I rode the event. I rode 21 miles on my Raleigh Grand Prix road bike. It was really hot -- in the 90's. It is a great ride around New Holland among many farms that have been preserved. The $25 registration fee includes a T-shirt, snacks at the water stops, SAG support and lunch. I highly recommend the ride and cause!

On Sunday I just did a quick 11 mile ride on my road bike before it got too hot. The temperature will be in the low 90s today.


Anonymous said...


I really like your comments and info about the Fantom 29. I can't seem to find one to check out. I live in the Northern VA, DC metro area. Motobecane website has a "fill out and e-mail" info sheet, but they never got back to me with a dealer name. I'm not comfortable with due to some negative reviews I read on the web. I've been burned a time or two by "discount" sites. Where is Motobecane sold?

Thanks for your time and your blog.


Mike said...

I bought my Fantom 29 from bikesdirect over the internet. I also understand that Cycle Spectrum sells Motobecanes in their stores. I believe they are in Florida, Texas and Arizona. I believe Cycles Spectrum and bikesdirect are related.

As far as a test ride goes, you may want to go on the Motobecane or 29er forum on and ask if anyone has the Fantom 29 in the DC area and was willing to let you test drive it. There may be someone in your area.