Sunday, September 21, 2008

Marsh Creek Sunday Ride

Today I rode 9.8 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. The Fantom 29 performed flawlessly.

It was a little cool with temperatures in the upper 50's. Nice and sunny but with the thick tree cover in the park, you don't get much sun. I am now wearing long sleeve bike jersey with a short sleeve UnderArmor heat gear underneath.

I saw a couple walking 5 identical dogs. I am not sure what breed, but they were white and tan and very frisky.


Bradley said...

Hey. Don't know if you remember me but I also bought the Fantom 29. I love the bike. I am new to mtn biking and wasn't sure about a 26" or the 29". I'm glad I got the 29. My question to you is around the Cateye Computer you installed. I'm currently in the process of installing the Enduro 8 and am having trouble dimensions relative to the magnet and sensor and thought I read a blog of yours a little while ago where you explained how to install step by step. However, I can't find it out here now. Please help. If you didn't blog about it, can you answer a question? Does it matter where the sensor and magnet are mounted (i.e. distance from center of wheel, on fork, etc.) to obtain accurate readings? Can I have it too close to wheel hub or too close to tire? Thanks for your help.

Mike said...

Glad to hear from you again.

Technically you can mount the sensor anywhere since one revolution equals the distance traveled and that is what the computer counts. The further from the axle the better so the time between counts in maximized and then the computer won't miscount. (This is only a theory I don't know if the compute would do that.)

However there is a practical limitation. I mounted my magnet about 4 inches from the axle on the spoke and the sensor at a corresponding position on the fork.

I chose that point because if you look at the spoke on your wheel relative to the fork, the distance increases as you move up the fork. Tht would move the magnet further from the sensor.

Let me know if you need more. I could develop a post with some pictures if you need it.


Eddie Newman said...

I just found your website when looking for reviews of some of the bikes on bikesdirect. It's a cool site and I appreciate the effort to provide a fair review of one of their bikes. I'm looking at the Windsor Cliff 4900 and your blog just gave me more confidence that bikesdirect is a legit store with good bikes. Thanks.

Mike said...

Thanks for the comment.

When I was searching the web to see which bike I should get there weren't many reviews from actual owners of bikes from bikesdirect.

I figured I would take the plunge and just report the facts.

Bradley said...

Eddie - I also bought my bike from Bikes Direct. Prior to purchase questions that I had were answered with pasted statements from their website. That is the only complaint I have. Basically, they didn't put much effort into me personally. But the bike is great and so was my experience with them other than above.

Good luck in your choice.