Monday, December 22, 2008

Exustar E-SM621 Mountain Bike Shoes

I bought some mountain bike shoes at I don't ride with clipless pedals on the Fantom 29 but I do on my Raleigh Grand Prix road bike.

I have Exustar road shoe E-SR421. I have had them for about 1 year and they are awesome!. I only paid $25 at They are comfortable and seem durable. The only problem is that they are vented shoes so they are really cold in the winter.

I have been using trail shoes that I purchased at Walmart for $18 for my winter road bike riding after swapping to regular pedals. I also use these shoes on my Fantom 29. When I swapped pedals this year I noticed that I really like using the clipless pedals better. My pedaling seems smoother.

So I decided to get some mountain bike shoes. Nashbar had the Exustar E-SM621 shoes on sale for $34.99 and had a 15% discount sale. So I was able to buy them for $29.74 plus $7.75 shipping and $2.25 tax. I ordered them Tuesday 12/09 and received them Friday 12/12. I ordered size 45 which is equivalent to US men's size 11. I already had a spare set of SPD cleats to use. The shoes did come with extra screws.

I really think the quality of these shoes are good. They also fit perfectly. They come with toe spikes. Since I will be using them for road bike riding, I did not install the toe spikes. There are substitute flat screws instead which makes them more like touring shoes.

As I have said before, I do not use clipless pedals on the Fantom 29. I like to be able to jump off the bike at any time when I am trail riding. Also I don't mind getting my trail shoes muddy. Now that I have mountain bike shoes I may give them a try on the Fantom 29.

Today I tried out the shoes on my road bike. It was a good test as it was cold --- 18 degree F with 22 mph winds bringing the wind chill to 2 degree F. I took my normal 11 mile fitness route. The shoes were great! They fit well and my feet were not too cold.

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