Saturday, December 20, 2008

Springton Ride Again

Today I rode 8.3 miles at Springton Manor Farm. The fantom 29 performed flawlessly.

My workout seemed harder than usual. Maybe it was the 29 degree temperature, riding through hard crusted snow, riding through soft grass, that I don't ride as much in the winter or a comibination of all of these.

I picked up the trail at Burgess Park on RT 282. This is an old rail road bed with some of the ties still in place.

The Brandywine Creek was flowing pretty fast with all of the rain we had recently.

I hadn't ridden at Springton since October 05, 2008 and noticed a downed tree on the downhill section of the Bartol Trail. It is a pretty big tree. You have to stop abruptly coming down the hill and carry your bike over it. I emailed the Park Superintendent to see if they could remove it.

I ran into a couple of horse back riders when I was on the trail.

Nice and muddy!

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

You don't really have to pick your bike up and cary it over that tree (from the looks of it in the picture)...Pop your front wheel up and over,then push forward into the bars,feel the rear wheel contact,let it "lift" over,continue.

That's twice you've mentioned calling the park and had them remove downed trees...ever think that maybe some people enjoy riding across it and you might be taming their fun?

Not a rant,just my 2 cents. Have been catching up from day 1 of your blog. Intersting and enjoyable read :). I wish I'd done something simialr with my Redline d440 29er,as it was my first 29er (been mtn biking,for the most part,since the late 80's). I'm hoping to purchase a new 29er SS come February/March (tax refund season,LOL),my first 29er SS (I've had my 26er Monocog for years),I may try something similar for it. Emulation is high flattery :-d