Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Marsh Creek Ride

Today I rode 9.5 miles at Marsh Creek State Park. Again, the Fantom 29 has performed flawlessly.

On the Blue Trail where is parallels Chalfont Road there is a downed tree. I will email the Park Superintendent to see if I can have it removed.

I also found this little guy tied high up in a tree. The Ludwig's Corner Riding & Driving Club conducts scavenger hunts in the park so maybe he was one of the prizes. I moved him lower so he could be spotted better. Hopefully someone will give him a good home.
Speaking of scavengers... I saw this dead deer on the way to the park. There were about a dozen Turkey Buzzards on it when I first approached. You can see one flying away in this picture.

Some pics of the Turkey Buzzards.


Sam said...

I just bought a new Fantom 29er. I have to say that the price was the motivation for the purchase. For about $700 to my door, I'll be in a sweet (I hope) ride. Suspect it's arrival about 1-15.
I appreciate your blog. As soon as the snow melts I'll have it out...about 3 feet on the ground here in Traverse City, MI.Send some pics soon!

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sigh...another email to remove a sweet trail feature (downed tree)...how you gunna get better at it if you keep calling the Park Super to fix every feature?

Sorry to rant...it's been a battle at our local state park to keep those who would enjoy more...tame...trails from dumbing down ours,where we are actually the ones to maintain and build them,downed trees,rocks,roots and all included and are some of the features that attract new riders,not repell them. No offense intended (seriously),but maybe you should check with others who share your trails,see if you're taking their enjoyment away due to your adversion to anything other than "buff" trails.

I have been enjoying the read,regaurdless of how this comment may have sounded at the start. I especially enjoyed the bits about the maintenance :)