Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comments & Solutions


I have received some comments on my last few posts. I really appreciate the comments. It did not dawn on me that anyone might think that this blog was an advertisement for Motobecane or bikesdirect or that I maybe I was working for them. But I now see how that could happen.

I want to set the record straight. I do not work for Motobecane, bikesdirect or any other bike company. I am an engineer at the local power company. The intent of this blog is to share my experience of selecting a mountain bike, buying it online and describing how it performs.


So I am going to do two things. First I will update my profile and blog description to make it clear that I do not work for Motobecane, or bikesdirect or any other bike company. Secondly, I will post some pictures of my ride this weekend as suggested.

Speaking of solutions I am continuing to work on my bike fit. Yesterday I ordered a stem from Nashbar.com to bring in and up the handlebars to get a better fit. I ordered an adjustable stem because I think I will be able to tweak in the fit. The stem is 95 mm with a 0 to 40 degree angle adjustment. My current stem is 100 mm with a 5 degree rise. The downside of an adjustable stem is the extra weight but that is not a big concern to me. A fixed stem in this price range is 200 grams. So we are not talking about a lot of weight here anyway.

I also ordered some chain lube. Here is my order:

1 Nashbar Adjustable Threadless Stem 95mm $14.95

1 Pedros SynLube 4oz. $4.95

Sub Total : $19.90

Ship Total : $5.75

Tax Total : $1.54

Grand Total : $27.19

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