Friday, March 21, 2008

Size Matters

On Monday I decided to get a seat bag so I have tools, a spare tube and CO2 inflator for the trail. I figure if I get a water resistant bag I can hose it down with the bike when it gets muddy. So I placed an order with for the following items:

Crank Brothers M-19 Multi Tool $19.95
Nashbar Fly Bag - Small $12.99
Pedros Toothbrush $4.95
Sub Total : $50.84
Less Promotion: $10.00
Ship Total : $9.25
Tax Total : $3.61
Grand Total : $53.70

I got the Pedros Toothbrush to clean my gears better but also to get the total over $50 so I get the $10 discount.

I received the items today and noticed that the seat bag is way too small. There are 2 sizes, a large and small. I did not want a huge bag hanging off my seat so I ordered the small. It is 38 cubic inches and not even big enough to hold a tube all folded up. The large is 100 cubic inches so I think that is really what I need.

I am exchanging the bag. This is the first time I ever had to return anything to Nashbar so I will let you know how it goes. I filled out the back of the invoice per the instructions. There is a return label that you tear off the invoice and tape to the box it came in. I will mail it tomorrow.

I have always found that Nashbar has the best prices. I also usually get the Nashbar brand for items and they always appear to be a good value and quality. The prices change all of the time and if you keep an eye on an item you are interested in you can pick it up when you see a low price. When I was looking for road shoes I was keeping an eye on Exustar Silver/black Sr421 Road Shoes. They were running $33 to $40 which in itself is a good price. I saw them come down to $25 once at bought them. I like it when I get a good deal.

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