Monday, March 3, 2008

Motobecane Fantom 29 vs Raleigh XXIX + G

I thought it would be interesting to compare my 29er to the Raleigh that I test drove at Shirks.

Both have Avid BB5 Brakes but the Raleigh has 160 mm rotors vs 185 mm rotors for the Fantom 29.

The Fantom 29 has WTB 29 x 2.1 with FX28 Rims Wheelset at $150 per set vs WTB Speed Disc at $150 without tires for the Raleigh. Tires are WTB ExiWolf 29x2.3 about $70 per pair

Fantom 29 has RockShox Dart 3 Fork at $125 vs Rock Shox Reba SL 29" Air w/Rebound Adjust at $400 for the Raleigh.

The Motobecane Frame is aluminum, the Raleigh is 4130 CrMo steel.

The Fantom 29 has Shimano Deore Mega-9 Rapid Fire 27 speed trigger shift at $90 for pair vs SRAM SX-5 at $50 for the Raleigh.

The Fantom 29 has Shimano Deore XT long cage rear derailleur RD-M761 at $85 vs SRAM X-7 at $45 for the Raleigh.

The Fantom 29 has TruVativ 5D 22/32/44T Crankset at $70 vs Truvativ Fire X 22/32/44t at $175 for the Raleigh.

The Fantom 29 has Shimano Deore FD-M510 front derailleur $26 vs SRAM X-7 at $29 for the Raleigh.


The difference in parts cost excluding the frame is that the Raleigh has $368 more in parts. It is about $500 more that the Fantom 29 so the value is not as good.

The Fantom 29 has a better drive train and brakes (larger rotor). The Raleigh XXIX-G has a better Fork, Wheelset and Crankset but it is $1100.

I chose the Motobecane over the Raleigh because I did not want to pay $1100 for a bike that I am using just for fitness. The $600 Fantom 29 works for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi- a more fair comparison would be the Fantom 29 PRO vs the Raleigh...
the 29PRO is $795 and has Hydraulic brakes, Tora fork with lockout etc.

You should have some pics of you riding around in the snow - that would be cool (literally) LOL

Anonymous said...

Another thing that should have taken more of your consideration was the frame composition. Even though the Raleigh has better components, the main reason it was more money was the CROMO frame, which is much more forgiving and responsive than aluminum.

mtcx2009 said...

You also have no local bike shop support or warranty if the Motobecane breaks. This can be a drawback reducing the value in buying direct.

Anonymous said...

looks like the motobecane is a great intro bike for budget minded cyclist. for more advanced riders the raleigh is the better choice.

Anonymous said...

hi after riding the raleigh for 2 years its still my favorite bike. Steel is very lively and shock absorbtion is fantastic. Great for all day riding, Nothing has failed to this day. Thumbs up for raleigh!