Friday, March 14, 2008

Tweaking the Fit

Today I received my Adjustable Stem from It was easy to replace and fit perfectly. The stack height is 40 mm which is identical to the existing stem so I did not need to change any spacers on the headset.

The existing stem was actually 100 mm with a 30 degree rise. This stem is 95 mm and I set it for the maximum 40 degree rise. This elevated the handlebars about 1/2 inch and brought the handlebars about 3/4 inch closer to the seat. It felt like a comfortable position and I definitely don't have as much weight on my hands. I will see how it feels after a couple of rides.

First I removed the old stem.

Then I removed the sleeve that is used for 1" Heasdsets on the new stem. Then I adjusted the angle to the maximum 40 degrees. I then installed the new stem.

Here is how it looks completed.


rohit said...

You think everyone needs to adjust this on the bike?. Sounds really useful.

Anonymous said...

watch out for those cheap adjustable stems! they can be dangerous. imagine what happens to you if a stem breaks. kamakaze

Mike said...


I was concerned about that also before I ordered it. The design seems pretty robust, so I think the downside is only extra weight which doesn't bother me.

I will keep an eye on it.