Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Price Point

Today I ordered the following from PricePoint.com:

2 Price Point Tube 29er Presta 29 x 2.1-2.35 $3.98
1 Park Tire Lever Set (3) TL-1 $2.98
1 Sette Torx ST-14 Tool Kit - 14 Tools $29.98
Total: $40.92
TAX: $0.00
TOTAL$: $48.66

I usually order from Nashbar and I am satisfied but I thought I would give PricePoint a try because their prices seem good. It looks like the prices at PricePoint on parts and equipment are slightly better than Nashbar. The prices for clothing seem better at Nashbar. PricePoint does not charge sales tax except if you live in California, so this will save me 6% right there. PricePoint does charge $1.25 for "insurance" for each order. Pricepoint's shipping charge is about the same as Nashbar.

I ordered a couple of tubes since I just used my one and only spare. I also ordered tire levers to put in my seat bag once I get it from Nashbar.

I also ordered a Sette Torx ST-14 Tool Kit. It is only $30 and seems to have the tools needed to do most repairs on my bikes. I will be able to report out on the quality and functionality in future posts.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are posting these. I'm trying to decide on getting a Fantom 29er. Someone in an earlier post here had suggested a breakdown comparison between the Fantom 29 and the Fantom 29 Pro. It looks like the Pro is an even better value at only $200 more (the better shock alone is about $200 more), but was curious if you had done that breakdown yet.