Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cycling Glasses

I got some new eyeglasses and thought it would be good to get some cycling glasses. I thought the cycling glasses would provide more protection and also so I won't break my new glasses. The cycling glasses at my eye doctors were $300 and that was just the frame.

I did not want to spend a lot of money so I did a search online and found . I ordered frame #7002 Prescription Wind Goggles. They are really safety glasses but I think they will do well for cycling.

I asked my eye doctor for a copy of my prescription. The ordering was easy with clear explanations about the various optical terms. The only tricky one was the Pupillary Distance. This is the measurement between your pupils. For my prescription they listed the distance from each pupil to the centerline of your nose. So you have to add the two numbers together.

Although I wear progressive lenses, I ordered single vision glasses because I won't be reading while I am riding my bike. I also originally ordered the clip on sunglasses but Zenni Optical emailed me an said that the clip on's do not come with this frame. I usually do not ride with sunglasses anyway.

On August 22, 2008 at 7:20 pm I placed my order. Total cost $49.85 including shipping. There is no sales tax.

Frame Color 21 Black
Anti Reflection Coating
Lens Tint Choices: No Tint
OD-SPH: -2.00 OD-CYL: -1.75 OD-AXIS: 117 OD-ADD: 0
OS-SPH: -2.25 OS-CYL: -1.75 OS-AXIS: 72 OS-ADD: 0
PD-Pupillary Distance: 62
Prescription & Lens Type: 1.57 Mid Index Single Vision , No Charge
Prescription Strength: Standard Strength - No Charge

I received the glasses on September 5, 2008. The glasses were in a plastic case and then in a bubble wrap shipping envelope. They were well protected. They also included a cleaning cloth.

The prescription was right on and the glasses felt comfortable. They are light as they are only 28 grams. The outside wind shield has a slight tint to them which I like.

I used them on my road bike ride today. It was pretty muggy as I tried to get in a ride before the rain from Hurricane Hannah arrived in the area. I noticed that if you have the glasses tight against my forehead they would fog up when I was stopped. If I kept them slightly off my forehead, they would not fog. They also were comfortable. It did start to rain in the second half of my 14 mile ride, and the glasses did a good job of keeping the water droplets out of my eyes.

The glasses were easy to clean as the prescription insert can be popped out.

Overall I am satisfied.

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