Saturday, February 23, 2008

Assembly: 4 Install the Handlebars

The following are the steps to install the handle bars:

1.) Remove the hold down bolt on the aheadset.

2.) Remove the cardboard spacer.

3.) Place the handlebar stem over the aheadset and tighten the hold down bolt. You may have to rotate the handlebars to ensure the cables are not too twisted.

4.) Ensure that the handlebars are in line with the front wheel and tighten the side bolts.

5. When you look at the cables they will look all twisted up (picture 4). Simply remove the handlebars from the stem and rotate the handlebars to untwist the cables (picture 5). Then attach the handle bars to the stem and tighten the bolts.

6.) Route the cables through the cable holders on the frame.

7.) Voila! you are done.

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