Saturday, February 23, 2008

Assembly: 5 Install the Front Wheel

First I checked to make sure the tires were installed correctly. They were. On the tire there is a rotation arrow.

Using the T-25 TORX bit I then installed the Rotor. The AVID logo must face out. The torque spec is 80-90 in-lb. I do not have a torque wrench so I get the bolts as tight as I can.

These rotors are the larger 185 mm size which is great for a 29er.

I then installed the skewer through the hub and locked the wheel onto the fork.

The required tire pressure is 35 t0 65 psi. I set the front and rear tire pressure right in the middle at 50 psi. I will probably experiment with a lower pressure for better traction in the future.

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