Saturday, February 23, 2008

Assembly: 9 Set the Fork Sag

The bike has a RockShox Dart 3 front suspension. You need to set the fork sag. This is the amount of compression that the fork has when you sit on the bike.

I placed a tie wrap above the fork and then sat on the bike. The tie wrap then slides up and stays in place. The distance it moves should be 15-25 mm for the 100 mm travel fork. Mine was right at 20 mm which is OK. If adhustment is made by turning the top left cap clockwise for decreasing sag and counterclockwise for increasing sag.

At this time I also adjusted the external rebound. This is the speed at which the fork returns to full extension after being compressed. At the bottom right fork there is an adjustment knob with a "rabbit" for fast and a "turtle" for slow. I just put it in the middle for now.

The following link is for the Dart User Manual. Page 5 shows the tuning instructions,

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