Saturday, February 23, 2008

Assembly: 6 Install and Adjust the Front Brakes

The following are the steps to install and adjust the brakes:
1.) First remove the card board from between the disc pads.
2.) Slip the caliper over the rotor and tighten the bolts to the post. Do not tighten the bolts all the way at this time.
3.) Install the brake cable in the hand brake and route the cable through the inside of the fork and through the clamp bolt on the caliper. Pull the slack out of the cable and tighten the clamp bolt. Use a tie wrap to secure the cable to the fork.
4.) Turn the inboard caliper wheel ( the red dial) clockwise until the disc pads just grip the rotor.
5.) Hold the brake hand lever to apply the brake and tighten the caliper bolts to the fork post.
6.) Turn the caliper wheel counterclockwise until the pads are not rubbing on the rotor when you spin the wheel. Make sure that when you apply the brake the hand lever travel is not too much.
I couldn't totally eliminate the rotor rub but it was so slight that I don't think it will be a problem.

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